Choose from more than 80 FREE online courses

As a Sun West student, you can choose from more than 80 FREE, Ministry of Saskatchewan-approved online courses between Kindergarten and Grade 12. You will have access to all educational resources, reading materials and instructions 24 hours a day.

You will have the support of approachable, knowledgeable online teachers who are available by email, phone or video conference week days between school hours. These teachers visit your Sun West school periodically throughout the school year to extend face-to-face support to our online students.

Benefit from the additional in-person support of school-based Educational Assistants (EAs) who are ready to assist in the DLC registration process and offer guidance and encouragement throughout your online experience.

You are invited to join in extra-curricular activities such as field trips and workshops are offered throughout the year providing students with opportunities to connect with their teacher and their peers in person. Tap into the DLC HelpDesk, which provides technical support around accessing digital resources, utilizing the various programs and tools within our courses, digitally submitting assignments, and e-communication.

Receive regular communication between student, teacher, Principal, EA and parent to ensure that you stay on track and complete the course within your intended timeline. This includes pacing updates, progress reports and check ins as needed.

Considering Post-Secondary?

Obtain high school and post secondary credits at the same time with a Dual Credit!

If you are looking to move on to a post-secondary environment, be sure to explore our Dual Credit options <link>. Working in partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the University of Saskatchewan, we can help learners enrolled in these courses to earn high school and post secondary credits at the same time.

Learn More about Dual Credits

What are the costs?

DLC courses are FREE with a few exceptions.

Additional fees will be incurred for Dual credits. Fees determined by the partnering post-secondary institution

Have you covered all the bases?

Before beginning the enrolment process, we encourage you to talk to your Principal about how online learning can fit into your existing timetable. Together, you can explore DLC courses and put a plan in place to ensure you have the supports you need to succeed.

Select your course and get started today!