We are here to support both you and your learner.

As the parent or guardian of a home-based learner, you are undoubtedly trying to juggle many balls to ensure that your child realizes his or her academic and personal potential. Creating positive learning environments, setting goals and timelines and helping to source relevant resources and materials all takes time.

At Sun West DLC, we recognize all that parents do to facilitate great learning and we are here to support both you and your learner.

Grow At Your Own Pace

We know that every learner grows at their own pace and has their own unique strengths, challenges, interests and goals. Some students achieve great success when working independently and others prefer a more structured environment with clearly stated schedules and tasks.

Our educators offer guidance and instructional support to any home-based learner, regardless of where they are on that spectrum.

Guided Learning Path

For students who seek structure, our Guided Learning Path provides scheduled assignment and exam due dates and frequent communication from our teachers who check in, provide timely reminders and encouragement throughout the course.

Flex Learning Path

If there is a desire for greater flexibility in either timelines or resource selection, we offer a Flex Learning Path. To get started, a DLC teacher will work with you to help you set your own timeline and learning goals, to allow you to work at your own pace.

For 10 years, we’ve been developing online courses, providing instruction and supporting learners as they navigate those courses at a pace that suits them. We have found this to be a great fit for many, especially for those families that want ready-to-go lesson plans and structured learning within a home-based environment. This form of support will continue to be available to those who seek it.

But, we’ve come to realize that model is not a fit for everyone. When mom and/or dad have chosen to be an active and regular part of their child’s learning, they often wish to incorporate other educational resources – kits, workbooks, lesson plans – into the mix and may even assume responsibility for evaluation and assessment.

Students may choose either Flex or Guided Learning to complete any of our courses.

What is a learning mentor?

A home-based learning mentor is any adult who provides learning instruction and support in the home.

It is not always possible for the parent to be the learning mentor. A mentor may be a parent, guardian, relative, friend or tutor. Mentors, learners and online instructors work as a team to help learners complete their studies and meet their goals.

What does a mentor do?

While the role of the learning mentor may be slightly different as a student progresses from elementary to high school, an effective mentor is key to student success in an online environment.

If you're looking to do some additional reading, flip through our Learning Mentor Guide for suggestions on how you can prepare your child for success in an online or home-based learning environment.