Learning at home is the ideal arrangement for some families and students.

At the DLC, we see ourselves as partners in your educational journey.

With more than 180 free, Ministry of Saskatchewan-approved online courses between Kindergarten to Grade 12, we provide home-based learners access to all of the same resources and supports that would be available in a school-based setting.

Our online courses, which include K-12 lesson plans, reading materials, workbooks, instructional videos, and online assessment tools are designed to accommodate learning at a pace and place that best suits you. And to support you in that learning, our team of educators is here to help find the right mix of learning materials, strategies and assessment tools that will allow you - or your child - to realize your full potential. Through email, phone, video conference and, if needed, face to face meetings, we can explore issues, solve problems and prepare you for the next step on your educational path.

With quality educational resources and a willing parent or mentor to support the learning experience, children can not only grow but prosper from Kindergarten through to high school graduation in this nurturing environment.

We are here to help...

Whether you have temporarily stepped away from a traditional school setting or have chosen - for yourself or for your child - to complete the K-12 experience in a home-based environment, we offer educational supports for all situations.

As a student - or parent of a young learner - at Sun West DLC, you will:

  • be able to choose from more than 180 free, Ministry of Saskatchewan-approved online courses between Kindergarten and Grade 12.
  • have access to all educational resources, reading materials and instructions 24 hours a day.
  • be given a free Microsoft Office 365 account that will allow you to download full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other frequently used MS applications on on your home computer.
  • be able to tap into the DLC HelpDesk, which provides technical support around accessing digital resources, utilizing the various programs and tools within our courses, digitally submitting assignments, and e-communication.
  • have the support of approachable, knowledgeable teachers who are available by email, phone or video conference week days between 9a – 330p.
  • be invited to join in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as field trips and workshops are offered throughout the year providing students with opportunities to connect with their teacher and their peers in person. These activities may or may not be directly connected to curricular outcomes.
  • have access to Student Support & Credit Counselling advice, which is particularly helpful to those in their pursuit of a high school diploma.
  • engage in regular communication between teacher and student (or parents/guardians/mentors) to ensure that students stay on track and complete the course within the intended timeline. This includes pacing updates, progress reports and check ins as needed.
  • have an opportunity to participate in regional, in–person teacher visits may be scheduled to accommodate face-to-face support.

Are you a parent or guardian supporting a learner in a home-based setting?

There is a misconception that online learners may not have the same supports as their peers in a traditional school setting. However, home-based learners often benefit from the personal attention of a learning mentor who can provide daily encouragement and support in a way that meets a learner's individual needs. While the role of the learning mentor maybe slightly different as a student progresses from elementary to high school, an effective mentor is key to student success in an online environment.

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