What is a proctor?

A proctor is a person who supervises a student during an exam. A proctor will have a set of duties to perform before, during and after the exam they are supervising.

Who can proctor an exam?

A proctor must not be related to the student and there should be no relationship between the proctor and the student that could call into question the impartiality of the proctor.

Acceptable proctors would include:

  • Teachers in your community, librarians, clergy, community leaders, trusted professionals, etc.

Unacceptable proctors would include:

  • Family members, spouse, relative, business partner, personal tutor, boyfriend, girlfriend, relationship partner, etc.

All proctors must be approved by the Sun West DLC, have basic computer skills (ability to email and scan documents) and have access to a reliable internet connection.

What are the responsibilities of a proctor?

In general, proctors will arrange a suitable location to supervise the exam. They will be present during the exam writing and follow the protocols provided by the teacher. Then collect and return the student’s exam to the teacher upon completion of the exam.