Dual Credit Options

Earn Post-Secondary Credits in High School

At the DLC, you can get a jump on your post-secondary studies by enrolling in one of 20 dual credit courses.

These classes create opportunities to experience the rigour and intensity of a college or university course before diving into high pressure, post high-school environments. In addition to the knowledge gained in the course, these learning experiences also facilitate the development of effective study habits and time management skills that contribute to success in the post-secondary world.

What is a dual credit course?

A dual credit course is one recognized and granted credit by both a high school and a post-secondary institution. Although it is offered at the high school level, a dual credit is actually a college or university class. Typically, it is delivered by a post-secondary instructor with additional learning and technical supports offered by the DLC instructor. These courses carry a heavier work load and assessments are held to a higher standard than in a regular high school course.

All dual credit course materials are accessible online. Course layout and structure will vary as each was developed by a different educator and/or stem from different post-secondary institutions.

These courses require a high degree of independent study with occasional group work that will be coordinated by the instructor.

What dual credit options are offered in Saskatchewan?

Astronomy 30L
Introduction to Business 30L
Life Transitions 30
Anatomy 30L
Computer Drafting 20
Computer Drafting 30
Health, Safety and Nutrition 30L

Human Growth and Development 30L
Industrial Communications 30L
Interpersonal Communications 30L
Medical Terminology 30L
Personal Competence 30L
Psychology 30


Registration deadline is is Tuesday Sept. 12.

Will I have support?

Absolutely. In most cases, the instructor will be from the post-secondary institution and will be accessible via email, Skype or phone. These instructors provide the subject matter expertise and are your direct contact for questions related to course content, assignments and exams.

DLC educators provide additional support if you have technical difficulties or need coaching on how to succeed in an online environment.

The DLC Administration can also help with dual credit enrolments, withdrawals, payment and course selection.

What kind of timeline will I be expected to follow?

You will be expected to start the course and progress through the content at a pace that follows the post-secondary calendar. Course start and end dates as well as assignment due dates will be set well in advance. Refer to the post secondary site for current course calendars.

Are there fees for dual credits?

Yes. Although the DLC will guide you through the registration process, learners are actually registered with both institutions for the purposes of this course. Course fees are unique to each course and are determined by the post-secondary institution. Details can be found on each course description.

So how do I enroll?

The registration process is different at each post-secondary institution. DLC staff are familiar with these expectations and are here to help. Contact the DLC Administration to obtain the appropriate enrolment documents for each institution.

To receive credit on both high school and post-secondary transcripts, a student must be registered at a School Division as well as the appropriate post-secondary institution.

In simple terms, you must:

  • enroll in the dual credit course with a School Division; the DLC can take care of this for you (upon receipt of the completed form, we will email the relevant documentation that must be filled out).
  • fill out the documentation and return it to the appropriate post-secondary institution

Successfully completing this process will ensure that you are registered at both institutions and will receive both sets of credit.

Properly completing these steps will ensure that you are registered at both a high school and post-secondary institution and can earn credits on both transcripts.

What happens if I find out this course isn’t for me?

If you decide that this course isn’t a fit for you, you will have to notify the Administration of both the DLC and the post-secondary institution. Again, we can provide support in this area.

Each college or university has unique withdrawal deadlines. Depending on your date of withdrawal, you may be eligible for partial reimbursement. Both the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan have withdrawal dates by which you can withdraw without academic penalty; please check their calendars for these dates. If a student does not complete the Sask Polytechnic credit or withdraws during the course of study, there is no academic penalty at this institution.