What is DLC Summer School

Summer School at Sun West DLC creates a unique opportunity for learners to recover credits or pick up additional credits in a concentrated period of time. We offer a limited number of our regular high school classes, with each one starting on Tuesday, July 3rd and ending on Tuesday, August 14th. During the six week course, the learner spends the first five weeks exploring course content and the sixth week allows time to prep for and write the final exam. If learners move at a faster pace, arrangements can be made to complete the course and write the exam in a shorter time frame. All summer school courses must be completed by August 14th. After that date, learners will be removed from the course with no option to continue. Due to the intensity of Summer School, learners will only be permitted to take one course.

What is the cost?

Students enrolled with a Sun West school (including Sun West DLC) before April 1, 2019 - Each course will cost $250 and payment must be received prior to starting the course. If the student completes the course by the end of Summer School, August 14, 2019, that money will be refunded.

All other students will be charged a fee of $500. Payment must be received prior to starting the course. - Each course costs $500 and payment must be received prior to starting the course.

If a learner drops out of Summer School prior to July 10th, 2019 they will be refunded $250. There will be no refunds on or after that date.

If you have any other questions regarding DLC Summer School, please call us at (306) 252-1000.

Summer School Courses

There are no summer school courses offered at this time. Please check back here in April for an updated course list.