We believe that connecting with people in industry makes for a well-rounded and engaging student experience. Not only do they have an opportunity to collect relevant, timely information from people in the field, but students also refine those critical interpersonal skills such as relationship building and communication.

There are two unique ways that we invite industry to be a part of the student experience through our Agriculture and Sustainable Food Production (ASFP) course.

Ag Mentorship Program

Sun West DLC is looking for champions in the agriculture and agri-food industry to take on a mentorship role. If you are passionate about engaging youth in the agriculture sector and like to share your experience in this dynamic industry, we’d love to have you on our team.

Over the course of several conversations with your mentee, you will explore the impact of agriculture on consumers, communities and economies. Your experience as an active participant in the ag sector will provide invaluable insight into the many functions and facets of the ag industry and introduce our young citizens to future career opportunities.

A Discussion Guide is provided to facilitate discussion and highlight key topics for mentors and mentees. We anticipate approximately three to six conversations throughout the four-month course; communication via phone, email or video conference is recommended.

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Subject Matter Experts for Panel Discussion

We are also looking for Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to participate in a series of virtual panel discussions. Using a video conference platform, DLC students will connect with peers and industry experts to discuss hot topics in the agriculture and agri-food sectors. We will explore genetic engineering, technology and innovation in agriculture, the value-added sector, agri-business and marketing strategies, organic and conventional farming methods, sustainability and environmental stewardship among other timely topics.

Specific dates for the upcoming semester have not yet been determined; we will do our best to accommodate the schedules of our SME’s.

In building these critical industry connections, our students can relate directly to the agriculture industry and its stakeholders and be better prepared for the many employment opportunities ahead. Industry, in turn, will gain fresh perspective on the thoughts and questions of today’s young consumers.

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