Special Project Credit 10/20/30

Course Description

Please note, Special Project Credits are only available to students who are enrolled with the DLC full-time. Please contact your current school or division for more information about Special Project Credits in your area.

Have you ever said, “I wish there was a course in …”? Do you have interests in areas you can’t currently pursue at our school? If this is the case, then a Special Project Credit (SPC) is the way to go. SPCs reflect learning and skill development that occur in a learner’s life through a multitude of programs and experiences (i.e clubs, sports, training, etc.). This unique credit is individualized and designed by the learner and overseen by a qualified project mentor (typically a coach or instructor) and a designated teacher mentor.

Information about the SPC guidelines and procedure.

Some things to keep in mind

  • SPC proposals must be submitted and approved prior to beginning
  • SPCs must have content that is distinct from any other course offering at the school
  • Project mentors must be trained and qualified in the area to be studied
  • A final reflective activity will be completed by the student to demonstrate learning

If interested in the SPC or to register in the course, please contact Renee Harrison (renee.harrison@sunwestsd.ca) with questions, to receive the forms, and to submit the project proposal.

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Paper Based Application

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From Kindergarten to Grade 12, you choose how, when and where learning aligns with your interests, lifestyle and schedule. Then we provide the resources and support that you can access when and where it works for you.

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