Mental Wellness 30L

Mental Wellness 30L (MW30L) is a 30 level elective in the area of wellness. Optimal health and well-being reaches beyond the ideas of fitness and/or the absence of disease; it is a way of doing, a way of being and a way of becoming. It is important for individuals to recognize that everything one does, thinks, feels, and believes has an impact on the well-being of self and others. MW30L engages students in developing a deeper understanding of self, relationships, personal agency and informed decision making. Learning to make sense of the world around them, nurturing a healthy self-concept and developing a strong sense of mental wellness are important for all students.

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Online Asynchronous


30 level elective credit

What Will I Learn?

MW30L provides theory and applied learning to develop competent and confident students who appreciate and understand the importance of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The MW30L course aims to support students' learning in the area of mental wellness with the goals of: creating balance socially, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally; improving resiliency; increasing awareness of strategies and resources for positive mental health; and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.

Through the MW30L course, students will develop an understanding and connection between mental wellness and available supports. Students earn a grade 12 credit for demonstrating an understanding of targeted mental health disorders and their psycho-anatomical structures, social responses, effective interventions, cultural implications for interventions, community resources, and a personal management plan. The MW30L course encourages students to work on the mental wellness modules at their own pace and complete numerous surveys in order to analyze their wellness. Students are encouraged to authentically apply their understanding of mental wellness within a variety of contexts, which promotes lifelong learning, a positive approach to living, and develop independence and advocacy skills for themselves and others. Furthermore, students will learn that wellness is a concept that is much broader than fitness and health.

Units of Study

    Exploring Mental Wellness

    Areas of Wellness

    Understanding Yourself

    Impacts of Media on Mental Wellness

    Brain Anatomy


    Mental Health Disorders

    Community Supports

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