Industry Communications 30L (Dual Credit with Sask. Polytechnic)

Dual credit allows you to simultaneously earn Saskatchewan high school credit and Sask Polytech credit. Select Sask Polytech courses are offered to Saskatchewan high school students, as a part of a Saskatchewan high school course or as an elective course.

Post-Secondary Institution: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Post-Secondary Credit: COMM 127: Industry Communications
High School Credit: Industry Communications 30L


This course requires tuition to be paid by the student (explained below) as well as the possibility of extra fees for course resources (textbooks, etc).

For a course description as well as course start and end dates, please see the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Dual Credit Page.

As this course is offered directly from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and not Sun West, there is a different registration process.

  1. Students interested in registering for this course must read the course description and understand the fees associated with it by clicking the above link.
  2. If you intend on taking this course it is incredibly important that you register through our Sun West DLC site first so that you can receive a high school credit. Please note that the Sun West DLC does not charge the usual $500 for this course. The fees involved for this course go to Sask Polytechnic, which are paid directly by the student.
  3. Once we receive your registration information a DLC teacher will contact you via email with instructions on registering directly with Saskatchewan Polytechic.
  4. Once the student registers and pays for the course with Saskatchewan Polytechic, they will send the student information (by email) with course access.
  5. Once the student has successfully completed the course, proof of completion will need to be provided to the DLC Liaison teacher to receive high school credit.

Sask Polytechnic's refund policy (subject to change at any moment):

  • If a student unenrolls from a course within 14 days past the course start date the student will be refunded for the course EXCEPT for a $105 administration fee.
  • If a student unenrolls from a course past 14 days past the course start date there will be no refund.
  • For more information on Saskatchewan Polytechnic refund and withdrawal policies click here.
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    If you're interested, so are we.

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