Health, Safety and Nutrition 30L (Dual Credit with Sask. Polytechnic)


Online Asynchronous

Course Description

Post-Secondary Institution: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Post-Secondary Credit: ECE 142: Health, Safety, and Nutrition


This course requires tuition to be paid by the student (explained below) as well as the possibility of extra fees for course resources (textbooks, etc).

For a course description as well as course start and end dates, please see the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Dual Credit Page.

As this course is offered directly from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and not Sun West, there is a different registration process.

  1. If you want to take this course, and have read the course description and understand the fees associated with this course, then register for this course through the DLC online clicking the Registration button below (or at the top of our website).
  2. Once we receive your information, you will be contacted via email with other important information via email, as well as instructions on registering directly with Sask Polytech.  It is incredibly important that you register through our site first so that you can recieve a high school credit.
  3. Once the student registers with Sask Polytech and pays them for the course, the student needs to inform the DLC.
  4. Sask Polytechnic will send the student information (by email) with course access and other course information (information about course resources, etc).

Please note that students outside of the Sun West School Division will not be paying the usual $550 to Sun West as advertised on other pages of the DLC website.  The only fees involved for this course are those that go to Sask Polytechnic, which are paid directly by the student.  If an invoice happens to come, please ignore it for this course.

Also note that Mr. Biberdorf is not the instructor of this course, but will act as a liason between the student and/or parents and Sask Polytechnic.

For the record, here is Sask Polytechnic's refund policy (subject to change at any moment):

If a student unenrolls from a course within 14 days past the course start date the student will be refunded for the course EXCEPT for a $105 administration fee.

If a student unenrolls from a course past 14 days pas the course start date there will be no refund.

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