Exercise Science 30L

Course Description

This course focuses on the study of human movement and of systems, factors, and principles involved in human movement.

Students will learn about the effects of physical activity on health and performance, the evolution of physical activity and sports, and the factors that influence an individual’s participation in physical activity.

This course is designed to pique intellectual curiosity and to apply analytical and critical thought to concepts related to human movement and well-being. In addition, this course aims to foster enthusiasm for an active and healthy lifestyle and to emphasize the importance of effective lifestyle practices.

Units of Study

  • Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
  • Human Performance & Biomechanics
  • Motor Learning and Skill Development
  • The Evolution of Physical Activity and Sport
  • Social Issues in Physical Activity and Sport

Course Materials

Supplied by the DLC

Exercise Science: Kinesiology Workbook

Obtained by Student


Suggested Career Pathways

Sports Trainer, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Sport Psychologist


None - Health Science 20 recommended

Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous


Grade 12

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