Environmental Science 20

Course Description

Students will learn how to examine local and global environmental issues such as climate change, water, soil, and air quality, urbanization, bioresource management, waste handling and disposal, land-use planning, and the impacts of agriculture and industry on the environment from scientific and Indigenous knowledge perspectives. Students will examine the role of environmental policies and ethics on decision making, and will investigate environmental science related careers. Student directed studies will lead to the development of environmental action plans.

Units of Study

  • What is Environmental Science?
  • Climate Change
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Aquatic Ecosystems

Course Materials

Supplied by the DLC


Obtained by Student


Suggested Career Pathways

  • Biologist
  • Botanist
  • Controller
  • Environmental Consultant


Science 10

Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous


This course requires a midterm and a final exam to be supervised by a proctor

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