Construction and Carpentry 20

Course Description

Construction 20 reviews the safe use of tools and expands learners’ knowledge on the safe use of power tools. Students will learn basic theory on building layouts, floor and wall framing, and foundations. This 50 hour theory component is combined with a 50 hour work study. The work study component is set up with the school Career and Work Exploration Teacher and provides the student with hands on experience in the carpentry and construction industry.

All learners, parents, mentors and, where appropriate, school-based administrators are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our work placement policies.

Units of Study

  • Safety
  • Portable Power Tools
  • Stationary Power Tools
  • Building Layout
  • Foundations
  • Floor Framing
  • Wall Framing

Course Materials

Supplied by the DLC


Obtained by Student


Suggested Career Pathways

  • Carpenter
  • Framer
  • Draftsman
  • Project Estimator
  • Site Supervisor


Construction and Carpentry 10

Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous


Grade 11

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