Communication Media 10

Course Description

Ever wondered what it might be like to work on a movie production like Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame or a tv show like ABC’s Modern Family? In this introductory course, students will learn how stories are told in audio and video media. Media Literacy is an increasingly important skillset and this course will build student’s ability to study media like tv shows and movies. Through hands on creative projects and viewing logs, students will begin to be familiar with the four stages of media production: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Distribution. Students will create their own audio play and two video shorts to demonstrate what they learn in this course.

Units of Study

  • Introduction to Media Literacy
  • Introduction to Motion Pictures
  • Genre Study

Course Materials

Supplied by the DLC

Full-Time Online Students with the DLC & Sun West Students Only will be supplied with an Adobe Creative Cloud account to access the software necessary for this course.

Obtained by Student

For this course, students will need some basic tools to record and edit audio and video media.

The course has been designed to be flexible for students to use a variety of tools. Contact the course teacher before you register if there are other tools you’d like to use to ensure they will be adequate for this course.

Audio Recording Device
Video Camera

Suggested Career Pathways

Independent Filmmaker,
Locations Manager,
Set Designer for TV/Film,
Make Up Artist for TV/Film,
Special Effects Supervisor for TV/Film,
Video Editor,
TV/Film/News Producer,
Radio/Podcast Producer,
Foley Sound Artist,
Podcast Host,
Radio On Air Personality



Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous

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