Calculus 30 AP


Pre-Calculus 30


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Course Description

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Calculus 30 AP (AB) prepares students to take the AP Calculus AB exam (which can provide college credit) administered by the College Board, while allowing students to earn two Saskatchewan course credits for Calculus 30 and Calculus 30L. You will study functions, limits, differentiation and its applications. Additionally, students will also study integration and its applications along with an introduction to differential equations. This will allow students to achieve an in-depth understanding of all topics included in a first semester university calculus course.

Units of Study

DLC Supplied Resources

All course resources are supplied online. There is no physical textbook needed for this course

Additional Resources

You will absolutely need to have a graphing calculator for this course. We recommend that students have one of the calculators from the link below.

You will need reliable internet access as all course lessons and assessments are done online.

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