Agricultural Equipment Technician 30L

Course Description

Important Notes:

  • This course will open for registrations on May 31st 2019 and will only be available for semester 1 (September - January).
  • Many school divisions have an application process that must be completed prior to registration. Please talk to your school principal about registering.
  • All work study placements must be coordinated by Lori Gasper at the DLC. She can be reached by email at
  • All work study supervision of students must be coordinated or managed by the students home school division. The DLC does not supervise the students during their work placement.
  • If students are successful in registering and getting a work study placement at an AG Dealership, the AG Dealership will pay the $500 course fees for the student.

In this course, students learn to identify key engine and power train components, identify the different types of gears, bearings and sealants they will encounter as an Agricultural Equipment Technician (AET), and explore how they are used in agricultural equipment. They will also be introduced to and acquire fundamental knowledge of the electrical system and basic hydraulic system used in agricultural equipment. Students will also review basic safety practices.

This course consists of 50 hours of online theory and 50 hours of practical learning in a work study placement at an AG Dealership (AG Dealership placements must be coordinated by the DLC). Students can earn 7 of those work study hours if they choose to attend our optional "AET Boot Camp" at Saskatoon's Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus in November. There may be other optional extra-curricular opportunities for students such as equipment demo days, site tours, and speaker events as well.

Students will be required to complete all of the AET 30 online course theory before starting the work study portion of the course. If AET work study hours can not be completed by the end of Semester 1, a final mark may be assigned at a later date, provided that a schedule for the remaining hours is submitted to your teacher and completed by April 1st.

This course will not count as a PAA credit on your transcripts. This is a Locally Determined Option course and upon completion will count as a 30 level elective credit.

Agricultural Equipment Technician 30L requires a work placement, therefore, scheduled AG Dealership site visits by a Career Work Experience (CWEX) teacher are also required. Teachers/ Students: Learn more about work placements.

Units of Study

  • Safety
  • Engines & Power Trains
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • Bearings, Gears & Sealants
  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • Career Opportunities
  • Work Study

Course Materials

Supplied by the DLC


Obtained by Student

Students are responsible for any necessary workplace attire/materials (i.e. steel-toed work boots, coveralls, etc.)

Suggested Career Pathways

  • Agricultural Equipment Technician
  • Parts Person
  • Warranty
  • Agricultural Salesman



Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous

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Many School Divisions have an application process to register in this course for the upcoming school year.

Please talk to your Principal for more information.

For information on availability in your area please contact Lori Gasper, AG Coordinator, at

This course will only be available for registrations for Semester 1 (September to January).

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