February 25, 2020

Tips From Teachers

What’s Going to Happen? – DLC Teacher Leanne Hintz

Work before play… work before play… work before play… this concept has (somehow) been ingrained into the very core of my being … no time for fun … no fun allowed… forget about fun…

Work … work … work … oh, you’ve got some “spare” time? Get to work! Surely, there’s something productive you could be doing… clean something… organize something… declutter something … oh, you want to read something? Well, make sure it’s useful… learn something … be something more… find something new to work on … oh, you want to watch something? No smut allowed… learn… grow… be more… do more...

My inner dialogue, when even CONSIDERING something remotely fun, gets so sickening sometimes… it’s life squashing… it’s joy sucking… and it’s REALLY been getting to me lately…

Yes, being productive and accomplishing things and taking care of our responsibilities is important… but you know what else is important?


And laughter!

And joy!

And while we sometimes believe “fun” to be expensive and extravagant and all-encompassing… like hot holidays or big get-aways or special events, “fun” doesn’t have to be a major event in your life. It can be invited in and welcomed in many small ways throughout your day…

  • add some music and a little kitchen dancing to your meal-prep time
  • take a few minutes to try out some diamond painting at the kitchen table… heck, maybe even really mix it up and do some diamond painting AND Iisten to a “for fun” audiobook that outlines the trials of motherhood in a humourous, light-hearted way… don’t forget to smile when the author says something that really “hits home”
  • tinker away on the keyboard in the basement… heck, maybe even pretend you can sing… singing is SO MUCH FUN…
  • play hide-and-seek with the kids… even I can get behind the excitement and anticipation of being “found”
  • be spontaneous… it’s OKAY (and actually even kind of fun) to break out into a random game of wet sock tag with the whole family sometimes
  • take a few minutes to love on your precious house plants
  • sew something
  • listen to a funny podcast
  • or get jokes sent to your phone…

Lately, when I hear my “inner critic” questioning me about my attempts to have fun (especially DURING THE DAY, DURING THE WEEK… because Lord knows weekdays are supposed to be drudgery, right?), I speak aloud, “What’s going to happen?”

  • What’s going to happen if I sit down for a few minutes with a cup of tea and get lost in putting this puzzle together?
  • What’s going to happen if I revive my love for needlework while I catch up with my husband for the day?
  • What’s going to happen if I sit down and paint a cow or a candy cane or an ice cream cone with my daughter?
  • What’s going to happen if I go to my computer and write something?
  • What’s going to happen if I sit down with the kids to colour MY OWN colouring page?
  • What’s going to happen if I go for a ski with a friend?


You know what’s going to happen?


Nothing catastrophic anyway.

Nothing devastating.

Nothing life-altering (at least not in the bad, scary sort of way, I might think).

Nothing out-of-this-world crazy.



I might be happier…

I might have a little extra spring in my step…

a touch more joy in my heart…

a few more blessings to count…

and a few more precious, precious moments to savour.