October 3, 2019

Mental Health For All CMHA National Conference in Toronto

On September 24th DLC teacher Elaina Guilmette presented at the three day Mental Health For All CMHA National Conference in Toronto. Rebecca Rackow and Dave Nelson from CMHA SK, and Chris Beaudry one of the course’s peer supporters, joined Elaina to present the online Mental Wellness 30 program through the DLC. A full session of participants attended and there was enormous support for the proactive approach we are taking in Saskatchewan.

Mental Wellness 30 is for all students who want to understand different aspects of mental health challenges, mental illness, as well as, create a personalized mental wellness plan. Topics of study include the difference between mental health and mental illness, stigma and its impact on the individual, the concept of resilience, and how developing resilience impacts the mental wellbeing of those individuals experiencing symptoms of poor mental health. Students will have access to tools to create a balanced life and wellness in all domains of their lives (mental, physical, spiritual, emotion and social). This course is ideal for students wanting to pursue careers in the education and health field, as it builds empathy, compassion, understanding, and awareness of mental health challenges, appropriate resources and professional supports, and reduces stigma. By attaching a 30 level credit, we are providing an incentive for students (15-22 years of age) to improve their wellbeing and mindset.

Thanks to RBC we are able to provide some extra support to our Mental Wellness 30 students. Free online counselling and online peer support is available to all students who register in the Mental Wellness 30 program, as a way to break down the barriers associated with lack of awareness, stigma, social isolation, and financial and geographical challenges. Peer support is an effective recovery program that offers hope, social inclusion, and promotes positive health and wellness. Connecting with another person who has lived with similar mental health problems is a vital link for someone struggling with their own mental illness and situation.