September 12, 2019

'Learn From Home' Students Begin Classes

September 3rd marked the first day of classes across our region and the province. Many of us picture students getting ready in their 'first day of school' outfit, loading up the back pack and hitting the sidewalk, or school bus, to make their way to a brick and mortar school.

Another picture one should consider now, especially in a rural setting, doesn't see a student making their way to a school. It has them walking down some stairs, or down a hallway, to a work area. The student turns on a tablet or laptop, and they begin their classes for the day. 'Learning From Home' is an option many families choose to make in Saskatchewan. Provincial legislation makes it reasonably easy for a family to choose to educate their children out of the home. Parents are required to provide written notice to their local school division, along with a written education plan that lays how parents plan on meeting their children's educational goals.

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