August 19, 2019

2019 Ag Expedition

“I wanted to see the diversity of agriculture in the province.”

Earlier this week, DLC Ag teacher Nicole Freeden took part in Ag in the Classroom Saskatchewan’s 2019 Ag Expedition – a 3-day tour across south-central Saskatchewan for teachers to connect with a wide variety of farmers, ranchers, agronomists, and other ag professionals to understand their role in producing safe, healthy, and affordable food in our province. “We saw so many different operations,” said Freeden. “Canola and pea fields, vegetables under irrigation, a dairy barn, a cow/calf herd, a bee farm, a winery, egg and beef processing facilities…. the list goes on and on.”

“We scouted crops for insect pests, learned about biosecurity, and saw an incredible amount of technology at work,” she added. “Before this tour, I felt that our food is safe; but these three days really opened my eyes to just how many added measures farmers and food processors take to ensure that the food they produce is safe. I’m so excited to bring this experience back to the classroom this fall.”

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