May 28, 2019

But how does math work online?

Not sure if taking math online will work for you? Our DLC Math teachers have all the tools and solutions you need to be successful learning from home. The DLC can provide you with all of your math courses starting from Kindergarten, through middle years, right up to graduation and post-secondary requirements.

But how does math work online?

Math teaches problem solving and being an independent learner is a necessary skill to develop – but don’t worry if you get stuck, your DLC teachers are here to help.

The best way for your teacher to get an accurate idea of where you are struggling is by showing them. Take a photo of your attempt at the work, and where you are stuck. Email that photo to your math teacher so they can see where you might be going wrong. Your teacher will then get in touch with you with a clear idea of how to help.

Our experienced DLC Math teachers are here to help you achieve all of your math goals!