May 10, 2019

DLC Alumni - Rina Rast

DLC alum, Rina Rast, along with three other physics students at the University of Saskatchewan, presented a talk on women in astronomy on Friday, March 8 in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

Rina explains her role in the event, “I worked with three other physics students at the U of S to give a presentation celebrating women in astronomy. My part of the talk focused on the "Harvard computers" – women who were hired to run calculations and analyze astronomical data in the late 1800s and early 1900s. We wanted to acknowledge the impressive contributions that women over the years have made to astronomy, and hopefully inspire more people to study it.”

The Astronomy 20 course at the DLC was a large part of why she has decided to explore the field further. ”My own passion for astronomy was sparked when I took Astronomy 20 from the DLC. Although I was interested in astronomy and befuddled by things I saw in the night sky since I was little, I didn't know much about it until that class. Astro 20 answered a lot of my questions and left me determined to find out more! Currently, I'm pursuing an honours degree in physics, specializing in astronomy. Physics has presented me with a whole new world of challenges, but the classes I took from the DLC certainly helped me prepare for university and without it, I almost certainly would not be where I am today.”

Congratulations to Rina for her success since her time with the DLC! Get more information on our Astronomy 20 course.