April 4, 2019

National Congress on Rural Education visited the DLC

On Tuesday, April 2, delegates from the National Congress on Rural Education visited the DLC. The Rural Congress is held annually in Saskatoon and attracts hundreds of school trustees, educators and academics from across Canada and beyond. Rural Congress delegates learn about the latest innovations, research, and trends in rural education from leading experts. This year their focus was on “Innovations in Rural Education” and understanding the importance of pushing the boundaries of innovation and 21st century learning.

The goal of the congress was to “respond to the rapidly changing demographics of our school population [and] be innovative in our strategies to improve outcomes for student and learning communities.” During the tour, the DLC showcased how we innovate and reach students by showing the group how we deliver unique courses such Wellness, PAA courses, Power Engineering and Agricultural programs to students no matter where they may be located in the province. The tour also featured presentations highlighting the Sun West Resource Bank, our unique perspective on Instructional Design, as well as demonstrating, in the DLC green room studio, how we create our educational videos.

The DLC had the opportunity to host the group consisting of 17 Rural Congress members, Sun West Board of Education members Karen Itterman, John Collins, Scott Sander and Cathy Morrow, as well as two other Saskatchewan school divisions. Delegates from Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and Alberta were also in attendance.

Thanks to the Rural Congress for allowing the DLC to demonstrate how we are able to innovate and serve the needs of our rural students in the 21st century.