March 7, 2019

High school students celebrate Canada’s abundant food choice

Sun West Distance Learning Centre is teaming up with three producer organizations to celebrate Canadian Ag Literacy Month in a “Farm to Fork” event.

March 7, 2019 – (Saskatoon, SK) Sun West Distance Learning Centre (DLC) teamed up with Saskatchewan Egg Producers (Sask Egg), SaskCanola, and the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association (SCA) in their first-ever “Farm to Fork” event for high school students. Nearly 30 students took part in the hands-on day that included a tour of Star Egg’s grading facility, grocery shopping games at Sobey’s and cooking with Chef Scott Dicks at the Local Kitchen.

“We wanted to create an opportunity for students to learn about their food,” explained DLC Agriculture and Sustainable Food Production teacher Nicole Freeden, “where it comes from and the science of food production that allows us to enjoy one of the safest, most abundant food supplies in the world. Most of all, we wanted to encourage students to think critically about the food choices we face every day.”

Farm to Fork coincides with Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month, which encourages students to meet with local farmers and learn more about where their food comes from. “Meeting with consumers is more important than ever for our producers,” says Lane Stockbrugger, chair of SaskCanola. “This event provided an exceptional opportunity for students to talk directly with the farmers who produce the ingredients they were cooking with today.”

During the grocery shopping games, students purchased ingredients needed for their afternoon cooking class. “Our egg farms are right here in Saskatchewan, so we are happy to support students in learning about sustainable, healthy and local food on the grocery store shelf,” says Cam Broten, Executive Director of Sask Egg.

Throughout the day, students heard from the producers, ranchers, processors, retailers, nutritionists, and chefs that influence the food we eat every day. “This type of program provides us with the opportunity to have some great conversations with students. We are encouraging them to think critically about what they see and hear about agriculture and how their food is produced,” says Rick Toney, Chairman of the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association. Saskatchewan has a reputation for producing some of the healthiest and most nutritious food and we want the students to understand how that happens.”

“This kind of unique learning experience is only possible because of the support of our producer and ag industry partners,” concluded Darren Gasper, Superintendent of Learning with Sun West School Division.“It is this kind of industry cooperation that enriches the learning experience of our students.”