March 1, 2019

Staff Spotlight: Dan Marsh

Mr. Marsh’s curling career began when his mother introduced him and his brothers to the sport at a very young age. Loving the game from the start, he started getting into the competitive side of curling in his early teens and was able to play with his brothers through many years of juvenile, high school, and junior curling.

He still plays with his identical twin brother, Kevin, along with the Muyers brothers, Kirk and Dallan. He has competed in multiple Tankards (the Saskatchewan Men’s Curling Championship), with 2018 being his best result (runner-up). Also that season, his team won the WCT’s College Clean Restoration Classic in Saskatoon, competed in the Canadian Olympic pre-trails, and the Humpty’s Champions Cup Grand Slam event.

His curling philosophy is to “Work as hard to be a great teammate as you do to be a great player.”

Here at the DLC Mr. Marsh has taught a variety of high school courses including computer drafting, construction and carpentry, welding, communications media, and photography.

Mr. Marsh became interested in Practical and Applied Arts in high school – specifically drafting and carpentry – enjoying its hands-on aspects. It is rewarding for him to see his students learn new skills and create unique projects. As an online teacher, he tries to make the courses as interesting and practical as possible, and potentially help students get a head start to a viable career in a skilled trade.

Today we wish him good luck as he heads to the Tim Horton’s Brier. Good luck Team Saskatchewan!