February 28, 2019

Staff Spotlight: Kathy Grad

Meet Kathy Grad

Personalized Learning Coordinator

When she’s not at the Sun West Distance Learning Centre (DLC) working with grade K – 9 students, Kathy Grad can often be found in boots and Carhartts at her family’s bison farm, near Hanley, SK.Kathy and her husband Les Kroeger run a herd of 150 animals on their 1000-acre farm, Rosedale Bison.

“On the farm, I wear a lot of hats,” says Kathy. “I help feed the bison, check the pasture fence for breaks, and check the animals for injuries, disease, and stress.I also do the farm books and help make decisions about our operation.We love being farmers, working with bison and seeing the new growth each year in the animals, the grass, and forage.”

In her “day job” teaching at the DLC, Kathy is the Personalized Learning Coordinator and she works with teachers, students and their families to help tailor learning experiences to the individual student.“Just this morning, I was working on a math lesson with a grade 9 student who lives on a farm.We were discussing coordinate planes and how we use X and Y coordinates on a graph.To make it personal to him, I gave him an unlimited (and imaginary!) budget to build his dream farmyard.Then we worked together to plot it out online.This is just one example of how we customize lessons every day to make the learning meaningful to the student while helping them achieve the outcomes they need to cover in their grade.”

March is Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month, where students can meet a local farmer like Kathy and learn more about where their food comes from.Join Kathy tomorrow during the DLC’s weekly Read Aloud session with K-9 students (10:30 to 11:00 a.m.) at https://zoom.us/j/3067654321 and learn more about what it’s like to be a bison farmer!