December 14, 2018

Alumni Darby-Jayne feature

Darby-JayneMy name is Darby-Jayne Fletcher. I graduated from the Distance Learning Center in June 2018… got to wear a fancy grad dress… say a little speech… eat some yummy treats… laugh and take pictures with my classmates… have cap and gown photos! Yes! There is such a thing as DLC students! We are real, and thanks to this amazing school I was able to make it through high school despite all the barriers such as head injuries and bullying! I was at a very low point in my life, but DLC came to my rescue and showed me that I didn’t have to hide what made me unique, I could be confident, focused and work hard for my grades. Like I said in my valedictorian speech: “One of the greatest lessons I learned through my 2 and a half years with the DLC is that adversity is not the problem, but rather how one chooses to respond. ” I am so thankful for this amazing school, the awesome, dedicated and supportive teachers and staff and most of all, the encouragement to aim high from people that genuinely care and continue to keep in touch with me.

I am currently taking my first-year of university at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Saskatoon in the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (University of Regina). I am loving my classes and I feel so relaxed because of the preparation and the skills the DLC provided me with, most importantly self-regulation and self-motivation. I have a head start and am exceeding in my online classes, because of the knowledge I have about technology and education, thanks to the DLC. Distance learning is the future, and I know that the current DLC students will be prepared for wherever life takes them and whatever they dream of doing, just like my dream of being a registered nurse. The Distance Learning Center changed my life!

Good luck in your studies everyone, lean on your teachers, family, friends for support and always dream big!