December 10, 2018

Feature Work Kayla

For this assignment, Visual Art 30 students learned about three contemporary Indigenous artists from Canada (Annie Pootoogook, Allen Sapp, and Andrew Qappik) who created artwork showing scenes from their daily lives. Next, they practiced creating believable space and depth in their drawings, including learning how to do one- and two-point perspective drawings (fairly technical and skilled techniques usually used for accurately drawing architecture).

From there, they used one of the techniques that they tried, along with some inspiration from one of the artists they learned about to draw a scene from their own daily lives, featuring a specific person and place. There was no expectation for students to create a video like this — DLC Student Kayla did it all on her own, and she put in a considerable amount of extra time and effort. She’s hoping to go to art school someday to learn about concept art.