June 18, 2018

Fun in the Sun

On Friday June 15th the Sun West Distance Learning Centre organized an event called Fun in the Sun for all home-based and Kenaston School students in grades K-12. It was as an opportunity to meet many of our home-based students face-to-face, and provide collaborative learning experiences for both distance and Kenaston School students. We had home-based students travel from all over the province to meet their teachers and experience interactive and new learning opportunities.

Thank you Kenaston School SLT for letting us use your space and materials! Your support was greatly appreciated! Thank you Riverbend Co-op Ltd.for sponsoring the BBQ, providing burgers, juice and chips, and involving us in your random acts of kindness initiative. You are an amazing organization, and Florence Greke and her team made the day extra special! Thank you Affinity CU for donating $300.00 towards educational supplies and materials for the day! Thank you to our Kenaston SCC for providing the delicious ice cream treats- which were a HUGE hit! Thank you Kenaston School for donating a $500.00 canoe to our pool for the kids to use and enjoy for years to come! Thanks to the staff at the Kenaston School and DLC! You took time out of your day to share your unique and special talents with our students!

Your excitement and love for teaching created an exceptional learning experience!