May 1, 2018

2018 DLC Expert Fair.

Sun West DLC was a flurry of activity, animals and animation last Friday, as teachers, students and families gathered for the 2018 DLC Expert Fair. Eight young learners, from Kindergarten to Grade 8 took turns sharing their knowledge about topics of personal interest to them. From tortoises to trapping and Toastmasters to human anatomy, the audience was treated to oral presentations and informative displays which they had a chance to interact with after the show.

“It’s so great to see the enthusiasm on our students’ faces as they interact with the audience and each other,” says DLC teacher, Allison de Hoop. “And for us, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to engage with our students in a face-to-face situation. We work hard to build relationships with them year round through email and phone calls, but these experiences allow us to get to know them – and them to know us – on a whole new level.”

And for parents, Teri and Dale Clearwater, they too see these events as meaningful for their sons; 12 year old Caleb and 9 year old Westin are taking their second year of courses at Sun West DLC. “They’ve been preparing for a couple of weeks; they were excited to research, learn more and dig in a bit. And pulling all of their stuff together, I could tell they were getting excited,” said Teri. “It was good for them to have an opportunity to share where there were other kids and other adults for them to practise talking to. They wouldn’t have it otherwise.”

Whether it’s the Expert Fair, field trips to provincial heritage sites or family ski trips, Sun West DLC is excited that student participation in these face-to-face activities is growing. From Kindergarten through Grade 12, our staff is focused on building a diverse collection of events; some of which have direct curricular connections, and others that are more social in nature, designed to allow students get to know their peers and their teachers on a more personal level.

Next on the annual calendar of events is a Fun in the Sun day open to all Sun West DLC students and their families. Watch our website for details on this June 15th activity.

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