April 27, 2018

​Exercise Science 30 Field Trip

Join Exercise Science 30 Field Trip to the University of Saskatchewan PAC center May 7yh

Students from Exercise Science 30 are going to the College of Kinesiology PAC center to apply the knowledge they have learned throughout the year! The fieldtrip will consist of a lab experience at the Health and Fitness Unit, a tour of the College and a session with the Human Performance Centre. This in an optional trip but one that will prove very beneficial to a student interested in this field of study. The lab experience will consist of MV02 Max Test (Maximum Volume of Oxygen). The second part of the lab experience they will be using the Biodex machine, which will help them to understand the Force-Velocity Relationship of muscles and Muscle Fiber type composition. As well, they will receive a tour of the College from the President of the Kinesiology Students Society. After the tour students will have the opportunity to enjoy a fitness session put on by HPC (High Performance Center) where they will learn activities that benefit their strength, endurance, cardiorespiratory, flexibility and agility. I look forward to meeting all my distance students and enjoying a fun and informational packed day!

If you would like to join the field trip, please contact the DLC.