May 26, 2015

Physical Science 30 Class Visits UofS College of Kinesiology

Exercise Science 30 is an elective course that introduces students to Kinesiology; the science of human movement. The course focuses on four main units; Society and Physical Activity, Anatomy and Physiology, Human Performance and Biomechanics, and Nutrition and Training. The class is delivered online so to gain further knowledge in the content, engage the students, and provide a hands on collaborative experience, we planned a trip to the College of Kinesiology in May. Students came from all over Saskatchewan to attend the trip, some even drove 6 hours to experience university life. It was very interesting to watch students that were in a class all year together meet for the very first time, and engage in conversations with each other. They all shared a passion for the content they learned, and were motivated to get the most out of the experience. We started the trip with Shane Schwanbeck in the Kinesiology laboratory. One of our students, Brooklyn, experienced the V02 Max (Maximal Rate of Oxygen Consumption), which is a test to measure cardiorespiratory fitness. She did an amazing job as the rest of the class cheered her on. Next, Delanie took the test to calculate the fatigue index of her fast twitch muscles. She also did an incredible job performing the test as we cheered her on. From there we moved onto a facility tour of the bone density labs, biomechanics labs, fitness facility, swimming pool and gymnasium. During lunch, I toured the girls around the campus as many of the students will be attending university next year and this was a good opportunity for them to become familiar with the buildings. After lunch and campus tour, the girls engaged in a wall climbing session and a High Performance Fitness Class. It was a fantastic trip and the students all really enjoyed the experience. They found it interesting, informative, educational and beneficial.

“I learned lots of interesting things, had fun rock climbing and touring the building” -student. “Cool way to meet the distance people”- student. “It allowed me to explore what the university had to offer”- student. “It was fun and I learned a lot”- student. As the teacher, I really enjoyed the Exercise Science 30 field trip and watching these students experience such an incredible and beneficial opportunity. It was fabulous to finally meet my students for the first time face to face. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation prior to the trip with all of us coming together for the first time, so we were all pretty happy to finally connect and meet each other. We had a great day, made lots of awesome memories, and experienced so many new opportunities!