Wendy Li

Science 10, Chemistry 30

Bachelor of Science, majoring in Chemistry

Bachelors of Education.

I started my teaching career at Sturgis SK in 2014, where I taught senior math. I moved back to Saskatoon and taught grade 2 and 7/8 at Howard Coad. In 2015, I came to the Sun West Distance Learning Centre, where I taught Math 8, Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10 and Foundations 20. Since then I have moved to the Science department, teaching Science 10 and Physical Science 20. I also teacher Science 10 at the Kenaston School.

I teach because I get to engage students in the topics that I love! Such as chemistry!

I am motivated by the “lightbulb moments” in students.

I was born in Guangdong China and moved to Canada when I was 6
I speak both English and Cantonese fluently
I am the worst at rock/paper/scissors, my record is 9 loses in a row…