Mr. Todd McLauchlin

Accounting 20, Financial Literacy 20, 30

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Convocated in 2005 with B.Admin, specializing in Accounting

Convocated with Great Distinction in 2014 with BEAD, Majoring in Business, Technology and Media Education, Minoring in Social Studies Education

I am passionate about photography. I love to capture moments and like to explore new techniques to better my photography skills.

I operated a small computer business for a number of years before becoming a teacher. Technology has always been a big portion of my life and I enjoy finding new ways to use it to make tasks easier.

I am an avid sports fan and follow many different sports, at both the professional/national level and the college level. My sports of choice are baseball, football, basketball, and soccer

I teach because I believe that teaching is a series of moments, built on the relationships created by the student and the teacher. I believe that lesson content should and needs to relate to the real-world in order to provide engaging and authentic learning. I believe that every student, everywhere has a right to a high quality education, no matter where they are or the background they come from. This is why I believe in distance education, as through it, we can provide the same great education to everyone. School is just a short-term stop on the journey of life, but it is the skills and knowledge that are acquired there that provide the preparation require for that life to come. As an educator, I have the responsibility to help guide students on that journey.

Dean’s List in 2012, 2013 and 2014

SBTA Graduating Student Award 2014

Saskatchewan Business Teacher’s Association

NBEA National Business Education Award of Merit 2014

Nation Business Educators Association