Ms. Stephanie Ives

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I completed my undergrad at Brock University in St. Catharines, ON, which consisted of a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with a major in History and a second teachable area in Math, and a Bachelor of Education. In December 2017, I also completed a Masters degree in Educational Technology through the University of British Columbia. After graduating from my undergrad in 2011, I worked as a substitute teacher in Ottawa for a year before moving to the small town of Kyle, SK in August 2012. I taught in Kyle for 5 years – Grade 5-12 social studies, history, law, math, information processing, and arts education. I started at the DLC at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year where my focus is in Middle Years.

I was born and raised in Ontario and never pictured myself as a Prairie girl, but I am so happy I took the leap to move out here. Since moving to the Prairies I have had many new experiences, including seeding, driving a combine, water tubing, branding, seeing the Northern Lights for the first time, ice fishing, skeet shooting, and moose hunting.

I am a published poet. When I was in high school I had poems published in multiple editions in the Chicken Soup series of books.

I love being active and being outdoors. Some of my favourite active activities include Zumba, Pound Rockout, Piyo, volleyball, hiking, cycling, and swimming.

I want to instill a love of learning in my students. I believe that a passion for learning and exploring is one of the most enriching characteristics a person can have, so I strive to instill this love of learning in my students. There is so much to learn about and explore in this amazing world of ours and I love being able to open those experiences for students. Every day is full of so many opportunities to learn something new or to share learning with someone else, and so I teach to fuel curiosity, wonder, and exploration.

When I lived in Kyle I was part of the rink kitchen volunteer team. A rink really is the heart of small-town Saskatchewan! In July 2015 I also had the opportunity to participate in the Juno Beach Centre Teacher Summer Institute and Battlefield Tour in France, which was an incredible experience.