Ms. Renee Harrison

ELA 20

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80% of Special Education Qualification

Business Certificate

Bachelor of Education – Business Major, English Minor

Bachelor of Arts – English Major, Psychology Minor

Master of Education – Educational Administration

Throughout my 10+ years in the education sector, I have been lucky to have been involved in numerous aspects of the system. I began as a substitute teacher, followed by term contract teaching at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. Both of these experiences helped me to see the different expectations that come with not being permanently linked to a school. This was followed by a decade as a Career Counsellor (with brief pop outs to teach senior English and Grade 6). As a career counsellor, I worked closely with the Student Support Services team in my division. This lead to a passion for addressing students, and ultimately my new role as a Student Support Teacher and Career Counsellor with Sun West Distance Learning Centre.

I love to travel! It can be 5 minutes or 5 continents away.

I did not graduate from high school. I had 26 credits, but was missing one required course, so I was awarded an Adult 12 after the fact. (It helps me to better understand the students with whom I am working.)

I love the Harry Potter book series (and the movies)!

I am motivated by my students. While this might sound like an external motivation, it really is not. When a student grasps a tough concept, or overcomes a challenge that had previously been a brick wall, or enjoys learning, this inspires me personally. It inspires me to want to do even more. I want to help that student to reach greater milestones. I want to assist other students in achieving that same success. It motivates me to discover how students learn, as well as what they need to learn, and then create individualized plans for success!