Phil Guebert

Math Pre-Calculus 30, Calculus 30, Biology 30

BSPE 1986

B.Ed. 1988

MBA 1991

I have taught for 25 years; 21 with LCBI in Outlook and then 4 here at the Sun West DLC/Kenaston School. I was also Principal at LCBI for 11 of my years there.

I am motivated by students who are enthusiastic about their learning and are engaged in the rocess. My goals, priorities, objectives as a teacher are to communicate with students in a timely anner and continually seek for better ways to present the information in engaging ways.

West Central Official of the Year 2010

Inaugurator of Cracker Hour

I played Huskie Football and won a National Championship.

I have ridden my bike over 17oo km this year.

I enjoy being a part of the Community Theatre group.