Paula Evans

Cow/Calf Production 10, Cow/Calf Production 20, Cow/Calf Production 30

I completed my Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Saskatchewan. I was a substitute teacher for 18 years and also taught for a couple of “leaves” in Kenaston and Davidson during this time. I then switched to teaching the Cow Calf and Field Crop Course with the Distance Learning Centre.

I love to connect with the students in my Cow Calf courses. I get a lot of enjoyment out of getting to know these students, because they are the future of agriculture in Saskatchewan. I hope to encourage them, connect with them, and support them as they explore the Cow Calf sector and build their skills. I love when I can share my passion for agriculture!

I once filled in for a teacher on leave and taught the entire Chem 30 course from April to the end of June. In the end, the students were all ready for the departmental exam…and I had my youngest daughter during the time I took this challenge on! I learned that you can do almost anything that you set your mind to!

I work part-time as a teacher and spend most of my days at home on our ranch checking cows, getting show and sale animals ready, preparing for cattle shows such as Agribition, and all the other farm jobs. I really enjoy being outside and working with animals.

I have 3 daughters! They are all very involved in our cattle business and I enjoy the time we spend working together, along with my husband.