Mr. Nathan Ruten

Grade 7, 8, 9

Learn More About Me

My education includes degrees in Biblical Studies (Millar College of the Bible), Mathematics (U of S), and Secondary Education (U of S). I graduated from the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan with Great Distinction in 2012. I began teaching full time in 2013 teaching high school physics and mathematics. Since then I have taught mostly math and science for grades 7 to 10.

I enjoy travelling and seeing the beauty that is in this world.

I teach because I enjoy it and I feel it is important to prepare kids for the future and make a difference in their lives. My goal is to give my students the math related skills they need to excel in future education and/or the workforce.

I grew up in the country of Burkina Faso in West Africa and my favorite sport is soccer which I play regularly.