Mike Fedyk

Business Developer/Marketer

Mike has a strong background in both education and communications. He holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Regina and taught for two years in Foam Lake and Sturgis before becoming the first provincial coordinator of Students Against Drinking and Driving (SADD) in 1987.

While working in SADD, Mike championed a student leadership model that empowered youth to become agents of change. During his tenure, SADD grew to include over 150 schools with 2000+ student and teacher volunteers. Working with students, he organized a large number of provincial and national conferences that attracted as many as 1100 students and adults and developed numerous other campaigns, resources and events. In the 1990s, SADD was very effective in lobbying the provincial government to improve impaired driving legislation.

From 2000 – 2005, Mike worked in the private sector as well as for both the provincial and federal governments in communications and event management positions. Most notably he was program manager for the Celebrate Canada Committee for Saskatchewan and in that capacity was responsible for the Celebrate Canada Centennial Jam, an outdoor concert and festival in Wascana Park in Regina that attracted over 50,000 people. It was the largest single event held during the Saskatchewan 2005 Centennial.

In 2006, Mike joined the Sun West School Division as the Communications Officer. In that capacity he was responsible for developing a student leadership program for the division that included an annual leadership conference and a structure to facilitate student engagement with the Board of Education.

Mike moved out of Saskatchewan in 2010 in order to marry the love of his life who lived in Ottawa. She agreed that when her children had finished school that they would move back to Saskatchewan together (she was also from Saskatchewan originally). While in Ottawa, Mike served as Director of Communications for the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO), the Indigenous government for 20,000 Métis people in Ontario.

By 2018, his wife’s children were finished school and in January 2019, Mike returned to Saskatchewan and the Sun West School Division to start work as the Business Developer/Marketer for the Sun West Distance Learning Centre.

In addition, Mike holds a Master of Arts in History and has written articles published in historical publications and books. He has also organized a number of historical reenactments and festivals in several Saskatchewan communities.