Michelle Lee-Klaassen

Student Support

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After graduating high school in Swift Current, SK, I decided that I wanted to travel before I went to University. I backpacked Eastern Europe for several months which was one of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had and I decided that whatever career I pursued, I wanted to be able to travel with it. After that, I moved to Saskatoon and completed a Bachelors of Education in 2012. I took my first official teaching job in Yeosu, South Korea shortly after. I lived in Yeosu for a year teaching English and it was an amazing experience that gave me a unique appreciation for education and a drive to continue teaching and travelling. When I moved back to Saskatoon, I substitute taught in a variety of schools and grade levels before taking a contract teaching senior ELA at the Sun West DLC.

I will complete an integrated CERTESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and Special Education post-degree certificate from the U of S this year and currently work as the K-9 Student Support Teacher here at the DLC.

I have a fraternal twin sister

I love to camp in the summer and spend lots of time at the lake

I caught the travel bug many years ago and am always in the process of planning my next trip or daydreaming about bucket list destinations

I teach because I truly believe that education is a human right that everyone deserves to have access to and is a key that can open many doors of opportunity. I love that education can transform the way we see the world and those that we share the world with and it is a rewarding experience to have to opportunity to learn with my students each day.

I am a mom to the most wonderful little boy named Van who will be turning 2 in May and a feisty Schanuzer/Poodle named Zeus who is 4!

I am involved with the Girls Rock Camp organization in Saskatoon as a programming organizer.

I am an avid musician and play multiple instruments including the saxophone, guitar, and keyboard. My husband and I play in a band together and have performed at many live shows, music festivals such as Ness Creek, and recorded an EP a couple of years ago.