Ms. Leanne Hintz

Regional Teacher

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I completed my Bachelor of Education in 2006, then moved to a small French community that became home for over four years. In 2009, I completed my Masters in Educational Administration. In 2011, we had our first baby and moved "home." Since then, I've taught primarily senior English in Hudson Bay, experimenting with different contract mixes and ways of teaching here and there.

I am truly excited to get to know and support families in our region who are also pursuing alternative education. To spend time with our children in this way is such a gift!

My husband and I live just outside of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan with our three daughters (8, 5, and 1).

While my husband is currently working as a Millwright, he will soon be pursuing his lifelong dream of being a full-time grain farmer. Though I am fairly new to homeschooling, I too am pursuing a lifelong dream of having my children learn in a "different" way.