Ms. Kayla Lachica

Creative Writing 20, ELA B10, Academic Advisor

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Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan (2015)

I have worked with four different school divisions as a substitute teacher after receiving my degree (Prairie Spirit, Saskatoon Public, Saskatoon Catholic, and Sun West), before taking a full-time contract with Sun West in January of 2016.

I was adopted at the age of five days old.

I originally went to school to be an Accountant, through Edward’s School of Business, before realizing that I would much rather teach than account.

I have had four surgeries on my left ankle for four different reasons.

I teach because I wanted to be a Super Hero and being a teacher was much easier to accomplish than being bit by a radioactive spider; not to mention more rewarding. That, and I wanted to be able to have a career where there was potential to make a positive impact in someone’s life every single day.

My goal as a teacher is to show each and every student that they have great potential even if they don’t see it at first. Student success – in its various forms – and coffee are what keep me motivated as a teacher.

In the Guinness World Record Book as one of the 8,200 people who took part in the largest snowball fight in Saskatoon.

Every year on May 25th, the public acknowledges me in honour of my birthday. I say public because I have quite a few Facebook friends…#JustSaying