Ms. Jody Polowick

Interior Design 30, Animation 20L, Animation 30L, PAA Pathways

Learn More About Me

My name is Jody Polowick. I have a 2 Bachelor’s degrees. I got a Bachelors of Art in Drama in 1990 (that is probably before you were born,) and a Bachelor of Education in 2014. In that large chunk of time in between degrees I was working in the Canadian Film and Television industry. I worked as a freelance camera operator and editor for many years and I ended my career directing and producing. Ironically my teaching job at the DLC includes helping other teachers to produce videos for their courses, so I guess I never really ended that first career. I am currently working on my Masters in Education Technology and Design.

Growing up in Saskatchewan I have a huge spot in my heart for Telemiracle. I started volunteering on the television production side in 1978 (I was just a kid.) My dad was the technical director, and I helped out by pulling camera cables and running messages between technical departments. I grew up and moved away, but now that I am back I still volunteer every year and you can find me in the production truck the first weekend of March.

My Education degree was in the Practical and Applied Arts program. I chose this route because I was passionate about food security and the skills that our grandparents had that are no longer being passed down to the younger generations like sustainable gardening and food preservation as well as the skills needed to make clothing and repurposing available textiles.

I am trying to learn how to juggle. I can do other circus skills, but I am still working on the juggling. I am also trying to learn how to play the guitar, but not while I am juggling… just the regular way.