Mr. Jesse Miller

Christian Ethics 10, ELA 20, ELA A10, Faith Based Resources and Development

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Intern at St. Bees School - St. Bees, Cumbria England - 2009-2010

Bachelor of Biblical Studies – Eston College - 2006-2011

Intern at Eastend School – Eastend, SK - 2015

Bachelor of Education (Arts Education) – University of Regina - 2011-2016

Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) – University of Regina - 2011-2016

Educational Assistant & Gallery Facilitator – MacKenzie Art Gallery - 2015, 2016

I love to play video games, board games, and card games.

I lived in England for a year as part of my Eston College internship.

I have travelled to the Arctic Circle and Japan as part of a high school exchange programs.

I teach because I expect to learn as much as I teach. I believe that learning is a joint adventure between the teacher and the students. I hope this joint adventure develops my students into independent, self-motivated thinkers. This seems contradictory as a joint adventure but only together can we learn our about own identities and about the world.

I believe all students, and all people, are life-long learners. In this regard, learning is a journey, a process, an adventure. Journeys are not only marked by successes. Journeys are marked by hardships and failures. As lifelong learners, we need to grow from hardships and failures. This learning requires the ability to risk. Learning is not measured by the number of successes but by the values and experiences gained from failing. I believe a classroom should be a safe place to creatively risk. This does not mean we will always succeed but this means we can learn the most from both our successes and failures.

I received my Bachelor of Education and my Bachelor of Arts with Great Distinction on both.