Ms. Jaimes Weber

ELA A30, ELA 20, ELA B30

Learn More About Me

I have an honours English Degree from the University of Saskatchewan and I received my Education Degree from Mount Saint Vincent University, in Nova Scotia (beautiful province!). The first part of my career was spent overseas teaching in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi; it was a wonderful experience. I then came back to my home province of Saskatchewan, and taught in Elrose Composite School and Kenaston School, before going into the online world of the Sun West Distance Learning Centre.

A few fun facts about me: I love competing in trail races, I am incredibly short (5’1), and I have a weakness for cartoon movies.

I love helping students achieve their goals. I always try to be their biggest cheerleader while encouraging them to challenge themselves! I believe education is the first step towards creating a better future, and am proud of my profession and my students.