Ms. Haddie Korolis

ELA A30, ELA B30

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I went to the University of Saskatchewan, then took my skills abroad to the United Kingdom teaching in Dartford, Kent- the hometown of Mick Jagger. After that, I joined the Distance Learning Centre on Sept 29th, 2014- thus beginning my teaching career here in Canada.

I think that change is one of the many things in the world we can rely on, and because of that, I believe that being prepared for what the world has to offer us is important. I want to help the young people of today, whatever today is, to be true to themselves and to be equipped to enjoy day to day of life; to be ready for the challenges that come. I think that education is the key that opens doors. Those doors can lead to careers, relationships, or even happiness. A self- analyzed life is the healthiest- do what you love, love what you do and know why you want to do it.

I am Ms. Haddie Korolis, and I am one of the many teachers at the Distance Learning Centre. I live in Saskatoon with my spouse, a daughter, and a son, and three dogs, two rats, a cat and a snake.

A brief description of who am I... I am and will always be a work in progress. I am from Saskatoon; I get to the mountains whenever I can find them: The Rockies here in Canada, the Peloponnese in Greece, Carrauntoohil in Ireland- I love the climb, the view, the air and the descent. I am always looking to learn new things, and I think that that comes with consuming literature and life. I by no means think I have learned enough or explored enough- I look forward to a life filled with learning and expanding my horizon. I do this through many avenues, one of which is volunteerism I have been a canvasser for The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Canadian Cancer Society, Alheimzers Association of Canada, and a few others for over a decade. I also am a volunteer with SWITCH in Saskatoon, being involved in my community is an important part of my life.

A big part of who I am today comes from the media I have consumed and the people in my life. I would like to thank some of the people and pieces that helped me get here; Shirley Temple, Jackie Chan, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, Flash Gordan, Queen, David Bowie, the Goonies and most of all my parents: Ayn Rand and Robert M. Pirsig, I mean, Agatha Christy and Herman Melville, nope that’s not it… my parents the wonderful, well read and ever enjoyable Mr. and Mrs. Underwood.