Dana McArthur

Workplace & Apprenticeship Math 10, Foundations & Pre-Calculus Math 10

In 2001 I received a Bachelor of Science in physics with an advanced certificate in biology. I completed some courses in physics at the graduate level, but turned my sights to teaching. In 2010 I received a Bachelor of Education with a major in physics and a minor in mathematics. My first teaching job was in Landis, Saskatchewan. I taught there until the school closed in June of 2014. I then took a position at the Sun West Distance Learning Centre in Kenaston. During my career I have taught a variety of math and science courses at both the middle years and senior levels.

I teach because I am motivated by my time working one on one with students and seeing them overcome obstacles.

Most distinguished graduate in Physics 2001 (U of S)
Dr. E. L. Harrington Prize 2001 (U of S)
Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation Prize 2010 (U of S)

I have two small children: Abby and Caius
I love to knit but rarely have the time
My first pet was a snake named Cathy