Ms. Ashley Clarke

Visual Art 30, Visual Art 20, Graphic Art 20

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B.A. in Studio Art B.Ed. in Visual Art Education working on M.Ed. in Educational Technology and Design (but still focusing on art) I’ve taught art for over a decade, in one capacity or another. I was an art gallery educator at three art galleries, a senior visual art teacher at a private international school in the Middle East, and have been teaching at the DLC for several years. I have been involved in language education in the past, working for a heritage language-oriented non-profit, as well as teaching a community language class and doing individual EAL tutoring. I am also an artist, which takes up a good chunk of my time. I have training in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics, but my specialization is drawing. I mostly work with ink.

I am big into video games. I dig stuff like Skyrim, Fallout, Red Dead Redemption—anything sandboxy and immersive with a great story. I’ve also got an absolutely ridiculous amount of time sunk into Civilization, and I’m always down for Smash Brothers. Because I enjoy reading so much, I set a goal for myself to read 52 books a year. I always have at least 2 books on the go, and often 5 or 6 (or more!). I keep track of and rate everything that I’ve read. I have a green thumb, and love researching and growing plants.

I love art and creativity more than just about anything else, and enjoy showing others that technical skill in art is learned and perfected through practice.

Currently, I volunteer doing chalkboard art for a yoga studio in Saskatoon. In the past, I volunteered within my cultural heritage community by teaching an adult beginner language class in Norwegian Bokmål, and worked with newcomer refugees to help with the transition to life in Canada.